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    Hello, I am thinking about getting dumpy tree frogs and as always I do a ton of research before I get them. I just started researching them and I was wandering if I could make an enclosure out of screen ( kinda like reptariums) because I want a huge enclosure. I also want to know if males will fight with each other because I wanna have like 5-8 frogs but didn't want them to fight.

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    Hi .

    Well, I would say as long as they have something to sit on and climb within the enclosure, and that the screen itself isn't too hard, because most frogs jump to get their food and could injure themselves bumping into it. Also, it would have to be very fine screen, because most of their diet can easily slip out of the enclosure if there's any holes or gaps. Then again, I'm no expert.

    But also, I think this species, as most do, practice Cannibalism if the opportunity presents itself; I.e - Big frog & smaller frog = small frog being eaten. So you'd have to make sure they are relatively the same size. Otherwise, I don't think they should have any problems. These frogs seem to be very tolerant, if not communal, so as long as you have adequate space and they can be fed without having to fight for food, I don't see any fights breaking out.

    Perhaps a White's owner can give you better info.

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