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Thread: Brand new Pacman Frog!!

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    Default Brand new Pacman Frog!!

    Just bought him/her. I named him/her Manny without finding out the sex of the frog yet, so I was hoping you would help. I have some pictures to post up for you guys. He is about the size of a bouncy ball. Let me know what you think!!! :-]
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    Manny is too small to tell. The best way to find out the sex is wait until it reaches about four inches and check the inside of the front thumbs for little dark bumps. These bumps are called nuptual pads. Males use these to grap on to the females during mating. At about this size you'll also start to hear him croak. If both indicators aren't there then get ready for a 5-6inch female fat frog.

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    Default Re: Brand new Pacman Frog!!

    Lois is correct - he's far too small to tell.
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