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Okay, so about a week ago, I decided to just drop some pebbles I left outside in a container into my 10g that I'm still working on, not really caring about them, other than to wash them off, which in retrospect probably wasn't smart, because now plants have grown like crazy...

I'm assuming it's probably grass or something that somehow made it's way into the container and have gotten onto the pebbles, so now I have these plants. At first, I was like; "what the..." but then I thought it might be a good thing, since the Frogs will probably enjoy a bit of foliage to hop on and hide in/under.

Though, as I'm still working on it, they haven't been introduced yet, though I let my cultured Isopods roam around in there to get started colonizing hopefully.

Well... it turns out these plants are something of a delicacy to the Isopods, even though I don't have enough to destroy my plants completely, they're leaving tiny holes in the blades and it makes me wonder now will the plants hold up the weight of the Frogs [even though they're barely bigger that an inch or two].

This is what it looks like so far;
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[That empty spot will be where I either put an upside down pot for them to hide in or just soil].

I don't want to get rid of my precious Isopods, cause they are tank cleaners, but I don't want my Frogs falling because the plants have holes in them. Though they grow back fairly quickly.

I wanted a bigger more sturdy plant, but I don't want it to get too big and grow above the tank's height.

Any advice on what I should do... hopefully that doesn't require me getting rid of my Isopods.

Thanks .