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Thread: Possible Burn? Advice Needed

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    Exclamation Possible Burn? Advice Needed

    During the regular tank cleaning, while trying to remove my second american green tree frog, he decided to jump right onto the light housing (only time possible since the lid was open ) and his front left foot touched the bulb breifly before he hoped back down. Its a 25watt compact fluorescent so it doesnt get extremely hot but nothing id like them to be exposed to. My concern is hes currently keeping that foot raised up (10mins after it happend) im worried he might of damaged his toe pads, theres no visable injury, his foot isnt discolored or swolen so im having a hard time telling if its just sore, i have him in a seprate container on wet paper towel currently so hes got somthing soft if he does step on it. He has been quite vocal inside the container, so im hoping hes going to be fine, but would feel horrible if hes no longer able to use that foot as climbing is what he does best.

    So my question is if his foot will recover, its only been about 15 mins since it happend so im wondering what i could do.

    any advice is appreciated

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    If your really worried you can get something called repti wound-healing aid or Neosporin WITHOUT PAIN RELIEVER and gently dab the leg with a cotton ball or quetip thats soaked in the stuff. As far as I know, though, a burn would be fairly noticeable but ya never know. You did great puttin him in a quarantine tank right away. That will keep him from irritating it.

    I would probably watch it for tonight and maybe get the healing aid or neosporin tomorrow if hes still babying the foot or if it looks like its getting worse (swelling or turning colors).

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    Thanks for the quick reply

    its been 30 mins now since it happend, he finaly put his foot down and all his toes are fully extended. Theres still no visable damage but im still weary about putting him back as i would imagine its still quite sensitive. I know its nothing life threatening, but id feel horrible if he lost his 'stick' in that foot. I know frogs are great at regeneration but i cant see even minor burns bieng a common situation in nature, is this a valid concern?

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    Hi there- I have no experience with burnt frogs, but you might want to take a look at this old thread where a gray treefrog was introduced to a wood stove and ended up recovering:

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    Well, I'm not 100% sure but a rock or an asphalt road sitting in the sun on a hot day in florida (where there very common in the wild) would probably be very hot and might be a natural burn risk similar to such a low wattage bulb.

    I think the fact his putting weight on the foot is a wonderful sign. It would be a good idea to leave him in the hospital tank overnight to give him time to recover. Its probably not serious but its probably still tender and the substraight and other items in the normal tank might irritate the sensitive skin.

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    So its been a few hours now and hes acting like nothing ever happend. Hung out in the water for a little, ate 3 crickets, and is currently sitting on the wall near the top and has been calling off and on for a while now (think he misses his buddy). I'll keep him in the seprate tank overnight like u mentioned and take a good look again tomorow before i put him back to make sure every thing seems ok still.

    Oh and put screen mesh in the opening on the light housing, even though it sits on top of the tanks screen allready i dont want another fluke repeat next time its open.

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    How is the leg/foot looking? Do you see any skin alterations, burns, or blisters? =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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