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Thread: Cage light inside vivarium?

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    Default Cage light inside vivarium?

    Hello everyone!

    Im going to get some green tree frogs and i want to put the infrared light inside the viv to keep in the heat.

    Im probably going to put it in the corner so its out of view. (It has a cage around it btw to stop them from getting burnt)

    Im just wondering if they are safe inside the viv, even with the cage around them?

    Thanks guys!!!

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    J Teezy

    Default Re: Cage light inside vivarium?

    i wouldnt do it unless you want froglegs for dinner

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    Default Re: Cage light inside vivarium?

    I would probably have to agree with Josh.

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    Default Re: Cage light inside vivarium?

    The potential to overheat the enclose would be to great. You would be surprised how much heat can build up in tanks just from overhead lighting. So a heat source like that inside the tank is just asking for trouble.
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    Default Re: Cage light inside vivarium?

    the top of the viv is a screen so its good ventilation and its only a 100 watt infrared globe. I have a descent size viv 18-24". At pet shops, every pet enclosure have
    ones like this.

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