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    Billy Oscar Burrows

    Default Breeding How To

    I am a beginner but I have a 61 x 38 x 30cm tank so I imagine have more than enough room to breed darts, but I don't actually know how. Any guides?

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    Default Re: Breeding How To

    That is a pretty open ended question. Do you currently have any darts or are you looking for one that is easy to breed as a beginner?

    Here is a link on raising tadpoles from John. Frog Forum - Raising Thumbnail Dartfrog Tadpoles (Ranitomeya) to get you started. May I suggest you decide on what type of dart your interested in and research from there.
    1.2.0 Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus'
    1.1.0 Dendrobates Lamasi 'Orange'
    1.1.0 Dendrobates Ventrimaculatus 'Understory Line'
    0.3.0 Dendrobates leucomelas

    As always your mileage may vary!
    I may or may not know what I'm talking about!

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    Billy Oscar Burrows

    Default Re: Breeding How To

    Thanks for the link and I am thinking about Bumblebee Darts (Dendrobates leucomelas).

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