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Thread: How long till Red Eyed Tree Frogs reach full size?

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    Default How long till Red Eyed Tree Frogs reach full size?

    Hi everyone!

    Im interested in buying some Red eyes soon and hopefully breed them. I went to a pet shop and they were tiny! And they were 2 months old.

    So, around what age do they begin to have a growth spurt and when do they reach full length/maturity?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: How long till Red Eyed Tree Frogs reach full size?

    My experience -- is about 9 months, give or take. (froglet to fully grown)
    Proper care will effect outcome.
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    Default Re: How long till Red Eyed Tree Frogs reach full size?

    You're probably looking at a year or year and a half before you can start breeding. Remember you want them full size and then you have to cycle them. Dry season followed by a wet season.

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