At 16 I had a terrarium w/ 8 green tree frogs, 3 fire bellied toads, 3 fire bellied newts...I did well on try 2. My first try was a total fail, I se my terrarium, let it run for 2 weeks and tossed in 8 green tree frogs and 2 cool blue dumphy male/female set...after 2 weeks in the tank, the tank picked up some sort of disease and I lost all of the frogs within 1 week...I cried. Did some research and found out I had no balance and over crowded. So I re-ran the tank with 3 fire bellied toads, 3 fire bellied newts, 6 green tree frogs with no issuester a year I left for the Airforce...I am now staying here in saint louis and was thinking about getting back into frogs...the posion dart frogs / arrow frogs are very cool looking and are new to me, I'm interested in starting a tank for some...I have many questions if someone can help me out I would appreciate it...1st question is a terrarium or a viquarium better suited for pdf?