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Thread: Feeding a Baby Frog

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    I have a Gray Tree Frog that is just a tiny bit bigger than a penny, what can I feed it? I have thrown in the smallest of the crickets that I have but from looks of the little frog they seem a tad bit too big (I'd be surprised if he/she was able to eat one). Besides Flightless Fruit Flies and Pinhead crickets, what else can I feed my baby frog?

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    Have you made sure the pinheads are true pinheads and not too large? Remember to dust feeders w supplement. It is very important baby frogs eat daily. Im sorry but I cant think of any other suitable food for baby frogs but I am sure someone will know.

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    Default Re: Feeding a Baby Frog

    For now I would just stick with the fruit flies and crickets. If you can get them, though...then baby hornworms or silkworms would be good for the little one too.

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