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Thread: Release Grey Tree Frog?

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    Default Release Grey Tree Frog?

    After having a Grey Treee Frog for about 3 months, is it ok to release him into the wild. Grey tree frogs have been spotted there.

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    it is unethical to release any captive animals into the wild. even if they are native. your animal may be carrying something the the local wild population have no immunity against and vice-versa.

    the best thing would be to find someone to take it off your hands. do you have a herp society in your area? i bet they'd be able to help you.

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    I might be willing if you are still looking for a home for it.... was it wild caught? male or female? and where in Ontario do you live. I'm about an hour or so north of Toronto. You would have to bring it here unfortunately?

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    Find him a home (and a good one). That is wrong in every way to release him out in the wild.

    My 15 year old White's Tree Frog Hetfield (RIP 1996-June 4, 2012) and my little girl Lucy

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