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    Hello all I am pretty new to frogs I have a pacman frog and just a couple days ago I purchased a cuban tree frog. He doesn't look happy at the moment. I don't understand all he does is sit in one spot and does nothing. Doesn't even eat. Maybe he is sick? I have done a lot of research before getting one and I am pretty sure my tank is set up correctly. But he just looks miserable. Kind of makes me worried if he might die.

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    It is a little bit unusual that he is not eating. How big of a tank does he have? How is the ventilation? Does he have places to hide? To climb? How is his breathing? Does crackle or does it sound clear? Are there any lesions on the skin? Are the eyes clear? How is its weight? What does the inside of the mouth look like?

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    Are you heating it adequately?
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    Well the tank is about 76 to 77 degress during the day when that light is on at night turn off the light and it drops to about 70 to maybe 68. I really dont know what to look for in a sick tree frog so I took some pics with my phone to show you his skin and weight. His eyes as you can see in the picture look normal no cloudyness. I also took pictures of my tank. Tank is a 20 gal and there is only one frog in there. I hope the pictures help.

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    I would say that you take him to the vet and have him checked out.

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    im sorry did you say a vet. I didn't even know vets worked on small animals like this. Well ill give one a call and tell them whats wrong. And if they said bring it in then ill bring it in.

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    I said vet. There are vets that do specialize in reptiles and amphibian medincine. The tough part is finding one and not one that knows nothing of their biology, but will take your money anyway.

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