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Thread: Grey tree frog?

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    Question Grey tree frog?

    Ok so I found a grey tree frog in my dads old truck and I wanted to keep it as a pet I asked my dad to get a soft bodied insect because the mass majority of sites says soft bodied insects is what they eat (still doing research) and he brought back mealworms that are in a can, now I presented it to him and he didn't eat, I'm assuming it's because of the stress from being placed into a tank but is it the fact it's not moving or the fact it's meal worms?? Any suggestions? :S

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    Well, you just found him and placed him some place new, so he probably stressed and will more then likely not want to eat for the next day or two. I'm not sure exactly where you are located, but pretty much crickets would be a fine staple and you dust them with repti-calcium and/or a vitamin supplement every so often. Mealworms are far from soft bodied and make a horrible staple. The chitin in their shell makes it hard for the frog to digest. They are fine every once in awhile, but not as a staple. If you have difficultly in obtaining crickets then you could try wax worms, hornworms, butter worms, etc.

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    Mmk that was much appreciated I'll be sure to pick up some crickets then.

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    They eat live, moving prey. Mealworms aren't a great staple as mentioned, but they will eat wriggling ones. You can also try earthworms as a great nutritious food source.

    If you haven't seen it already, check out the care article Frog Forum - Gray Tree Frog Care and Breeding

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