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Thread: "WANTED ASAP" - Cope's Gray Tree Frog (male if possible) or Pair(M&F) Gray Tree Frogs

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    Exclamation "WANTED ASAP" - Cope's Gray Tree Frog (male if possible) or Pair(M&F) Gray Tree Frogs

    Wanted: Male "COPE'S GRAY TREE FROG" but a female will be fine if you have one because Hoppy needs a roomate. We found her on our porch yesterday morning while it was raining. If no one has a Cope's Gray or knows where I can purchase one, then does anyone have a "PAIR" (M&F) of Gray Tree Frogs? I'd like to mate them. My son and I found a female Cope's Gray yesterday morning, positive she's a female and a Cope's Gray so I'd really like to have a male friend for her to mate them. However, if you have, or know of someone who has any "Cope's Grays of any sex" that they are willing to sell, I'd love to buy one or two. I'd also like to get a "Pair" (M&F) of Gray Tree frogs to keep in a separate tererrium and eventually breed. It would be a great learning experience for my son and two daughters. I've searched the internet and can't locate any Cope's Gray tree frogs for sale and the pet stores here in SC aren't allowed to sell them. HELP? I know it would be a great adventure for us to go "tree frog hunting", especially since it just rained quite a bit for the past two days, but if I could get one without digging through poision oak, ivy, and sumac because we are VERY ALLERGIC, it would make life so much easier. Advice, links, or sellers please respond as soon as you can. I don't want little "Hoppy" to be lonely for long. I've only been a member of this site for two days and you all have already helped me tremendously just by reading your past forums and even replies to a post I posted yesterday. Thank you folks! I'm sure you'll come to our rescue again.

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    Default Re: "WANTED ASAP" - Cope's Gray Tree Frog (male if possible) or Pair(M&F) Gray Tree Frogs

    Hope this helps...
    i live too far from you to give you a frog or 2 but...It's breeding season and this is the best time to more easily come across them without digging through poison who knows what. a cooler evening, since you are from the south, and after the rain are great times to find them. if you arent sure if they are in your area just listen for them in the evening, the call is loud and usually easy to distinguish. if you arent sure what the call sounds like you can find sound bites on the web. also, if you have a water source near you like a pond or filled ditch even, they will be attracted to the trees and shrubs near there and will be lower in the trees and easier to spot. if you hear them calling in the eavening you might be able to attract them to give you tadpoles by setting out a small tupperware or shoe box tote with water in it. finding them yourself is the best way because they are a native species and that generaly makes it illegal to sell at most pet stores grey tree frogs are such an adaptable species that they seem to do fine and be happy on their own so if you dont find one "Hoppy" will be fine alone for awhile. i had my first grey all by himself for almost 9 months before i got more and he was very happy and active alone. you may luck out and find one stuck to your living room window some nite too, they are famous for doing that because of the bugs attracted to the light keep looking around your porch, planters, railings etc. and put out a water container and best of luck.

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