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Thread: Clean Up Crew for ACF?

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    Default Clean Up Crew for ACF?

    Okay, so I know ACF's don't pair well with fish but there is a lot of debris in my tank from the food they don't end up eating and it is not that easy to vacuum up either. Could I throw a few ghost shrimp in there every once in a while to help pick up? I will expect my frogs to eat them of course but at $0.36 a pop I don't have a problem with this. Could the ghost shrimp harm my frogs if eaten? Do you think the shrimp will live long enough to be effective?

    Does anyone have suggestions for any other possible bottom dwelling critter to pick up their mess? A snail? A hard-shelled crab of some sorts?

    Thanks! It's been a while, I hope everyone is doing well!

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    Default Re: Clean Up Crew for ACF?

    Left over food with ACF means an overfeeding problem. ACF generally do not leave food behind as they are glutenous little pigs. Try cutting back about 25% of what you normally feed and see if this helps. Remember, these frogs don't need to pack on the fat to get them in between long feedings so you can feed them a little less. They will eat until they feel ready to burst, which sounds like they are if they are leaving food behind.
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    Default Re: Clean Up Crew for ACF?

    I agree, mine don't leave any food behind. I think a shrimp would be lunch pretty fast. I'd just get a turkey baster and suck it out.

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    Default Re: Clean Up Crew for ACF?

    You can try shrimps but normaly the shrimps won´t last long cause the clawed frogs are fast.

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