We have our first shipment of House Fly Pupae and Blue Bottle Fly Pupae and Larva freshly in from the farm and thought we'd gauge interest in the chameleon community.

100 Blue Bottle Fly Spikes - $6
250 BB Fly Spikes - $11
500 BB Fly Spikes - $20

250 Blue Bottle Fly Pupae - $10
500 BB Fly Pupae - $16
1000 BB Fly Pupae - $25

250 House Fly Pupae - $6
500 House Fly Pupae - $10
1000 House Fly Pupae - $15

I can ship these for our communities for $7.50 via USPS Priority.

You can also add a cup of Phoenix Worms for $7 (Extra Small, Small, Medium, or Large) with the same shipping cost.

If you'd like a shipment, please send the total amount via Paypal to sales@smallpetfeeders.com. Please don't forget to put your order in the comments section, and make sure you have the correct mailing address.

Thank you!