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Thread: Fire Belly Toad Setup

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    Smile Fire Belly Toad Setup

    Hi ! this is my first time on the forum, and i'm also new to keeping frogs ! i havn't actually got my fire belly yet but i have set up a tank for him so its ready for when he arrives.

    above is the setup i have so far. gravel on the bottom, sloping up to a small bit of land. The land is covered with eco earth and then topped with moss. i have a few small plants in there and a filter in the water.

    i would just like some info on what plants i could keep in there, that would be ok in or out of the water. secondly the area where i have my tank doesnt get a huge amount of light as the window is on the other side of the room, so i was looking to get some sort of lighting to help the plants along? i heard you can just use florescent tube lights ?

    any advice would be welcome!

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