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Thread: FBT's playing too rough?

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    I have 7 FBT's in a 55 g tank. They have been very vocal lately and I see a lot more amplexus than I have in a while. My concern is that two of the males seem much too rough with the females, holding them under water, flipping them around, sometimes both males on one female in a way that appears to be too aggressive to me. Today the male was on the female & she was trilling & fighting to get away, when she did, the male was holding her by the abdomen in his mouth. When she was able to get away from that he grabbed her foot in his mouth and wouldn't let go.
    I observed the same pattern last spring, and they got over it, but now I guess it's 'spring' behavior. Should I just let them go at it and assume they'll get over it again? The males seem rough enough that they could hurt the females. Should I separate them?

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    Mine do this same thing (and I only have 2). In fact, I just fed them and then noticed they were making quite a rukus. I went back to check it out and Lucy (the smaller one who we swear is a female but ACTS like a male) was on top of Nini holding onto him in his huge bear hug in the water. I've also seen Nini have Lucy's entire leg in his mouth. When this happened we separated them because it was always happening during feeding times. Lucy wasn't getting her fair share of the eats and was losing weight.

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    Thanks. Do you know how long an FBT can stay completely underwater?

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