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Thread: Frog First Aid Medications - Being Prepared

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    Default Re: Frog First Aid Medications - Being Prepared

    Quote Originally Posted by DonLisk View Post
    Frog First Aid Medications - Being Prepared

    Hi All,
    Dr. Frye sent me an email that I wanted to share with you all as to medications one should have on hand in case your frog is needing medical attention and a vet is no where to be found.
    Dr Frye is very nice and willing to assist but it is highly recommended that photos be attached to the email if your looking for assistance.
    Dr Frye can be contacted at

    The meds listed below can be bought from Dr Frye if you live in the U.S. Note that prices may have changed since this was sent to me. If you live outside the U.S. you can track down a local vet and purchase the items.

    Here is the email I received:

    As a first aid kit, I strongly recommend having a few drugs on hand at all times. That way when a medical problem arises, you just need to contact me, and I can steer you down the right path.

    Metronidizole is an antibacterial, antiprotozoal, and APPETITE STIMULANT. It is $30 per 100 mLs.

    Silversulfadiazene is a topical antibiotic and antifungal that promotes healing while discouraging scarring. It should be used on ALL skin lesions and costs $34 per ounce.

    Baytril is a strong systemic antibiotic that needs to be mixed carefully. It costs $24 per ounce and is mixed according to the size of the frog treated. Only a few drops are used daily.

    Panacur is a powdered dewormer. It is very safe and easy to use and costs $14 per spoonful.

    Shipping costs $11 for Priority on any order that includes one of the liquid medications. If you purchase Panacur alone, shipping costs $2. I can not ship medications outside of the United States.

    You can pay by PayPal at , or by calling my office at 734-439-2273 and paying via credit card over the phone.
    My hospital is not open on Wednesdays, so please take that into account.

    End of email
    I contacted Dr. Frye and I'm confused... in the med list it says that Metronidazole is an antiprotozoal medication, this site states the same thing Panacur, antiparasitic drugs, and symptoms of parasite infection but when I contacted Dr Frye recently I received replies that really bemused and upset me, particularly after I just lost sHEila....

    I wrote to Dr. Frye Dec 6th and explained the problems I was having with my frogs with the coccidiosis and prolpase. I told him he came highly recommended on FrogForum. Here was his answer Dec 8th:

    <> wrote:

    Do you mean cocci or coccidia?

    You can use original preparation H (without any pain killer) on prolapsed cloacas. Apply a small amount to the prolapsed tissue twice daily.

    I don't know who is giving you medical advise or even the medicine, but this seems very odd to me.

    David M. Frye, DVM

    (I wrote back to tell him who did the fecal test/perscribed the meds and that sHEila had passed and this was his reply):

    I've never heard of cocidea being treated with metronidazole. Also, frogs have never been proven to become cured of coccidia. Unless something new and exciting has come up that I have missed.

    Sorry about your euthanized frog.
    I just wrote back to him again but I really don't know what to do at this point
    Mom to these fine frogs!
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    Default Re: Frog First Aid Medications - Being Prepared


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