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Thread: HELP: Green Tree Frog Injured after snake attack

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    Default HELP: Green Tree Frog Injured after snake attack


    I found a Green Tree Frog (Litoria Cerulea) on my neighbors car almost completely down the throat of a snake. I believe it was non venemous as the frog was is still alive, I have placed him in our plant pots out the front of our door, its gated so he's protected from alot of predators. I have placed a small container in there with a small amount of water for him if he is dehydrated. He doesn't seem to be in great shape, he was attacked approx. 7 hours ago and he is still alive. He still has mobility although he is sluggish, he has some definate punctures from when the snake bit him. There are three down his left flank, two moderately sized ones but one large one that may have penetrated deeper into his body. His left eye is concerning me also, this eye is enlarged when viewing him from above, it looks like the cornea (if thats what its called in frogs) is about 2-3 times its normal size and additionally, his pupil looks to be blown. What can I do for him, tomorrow is ANZAC day so nothing will be open and I would like to give him the best chance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: HELP: Green Tree Frog Injured after snake attack

    You can use Neosporin (WITHOUT PAIN RELIEVER) to apply to the wounds, this will help prevent infection. If the Neospoin has pain relief additives it will euthanize the frog.

    The snake surely did internal damage but frogs are pretty tough and it is possible that some time and rest will help more than anything else. I would just place it where it can get some damp soil, under some leaves to feel secure and let it be to recover the ordeal.
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