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Thread: Shipping Fire belly toads

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    Default Shipping Fire belly toads

    I wasn't sure where to post this. My fire belly toads laid eggs sometime last week and now I have tadpoles. They are between 50-100 of the little guys swimming around. I am going to keep 5-6 of them, but if more than that surviveI have people interested in them. I am only asking for them to pay the shipping costs. now my question, How do I go about shipping these guys to their new homes? I have never shipped live animals before. I don't want them to die in transport. I do know that I would have to ship them overnite, but do I go through someplace like Fedex or UPS? Also, does anyone know what it would cost? How exactly would I pack them? If anyone who has shipped live animals before can clue me in, that would be great. I would not be shipping them until they are coming out on to the land (at least 4-5 weeks from now)

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    Default Re: Shipping Fire belly toads

    Have you considered contacting a transport company? They should be aware of specific regulations and proper environment requirements.

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    Default Re: Shipping Fire belly toads

    Most breeders use Ship Your Reptiles or a similar service. Personally, I use SYR:

    The website covers everything from how to package the animals to how to book a shipment. Most breeders are only shipping hub to hub right now due to shipping delays. If you don't live close to a hub, you will get tired of doing it for free. My opinion is that you can, and should, charge a reasonable price for your toads.

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