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Thread: Is my pacman overweight?

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    Alison Concklin

    Default Is my pacman overweight?

    Just making sure. He's grown so fast I just wanna make sure I'm not making him fat.
    I got him at hamburg in feb when he was only a little bigger then that quarter.

    He eats a nightcrawler a day.

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    Default Re: Is my pacman overweight?

    Looks perfect to me.. Great looking ornata, love the coloring.

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    Default Re: Is my pacman overweight?

    It's looking pretty healthy to me, you have nothing to worry about.

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    Alison Concklin

    Default Re: Is my pacman overweight?

    Phew. I was worried he was packing on to much weight =o
    Thanks. :P

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    it's head does look a little small for an Ornate. but its not obese, what are you feeding it?

    I am here:

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    Alison Concklin

    Default Re: Is my pacman overweight?

    A nightcrawler a day. I add calcium randomly

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    Default Re: Is my pacman overweight?

    I would cut back to one every other day. He isn't obese, but he looks full on both sides. Poop on the right and food on the left. If you rub his right side and it has a lot of poop it will feel firm. The same goes for the left side with food except it will not be quite as firm.

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    Sue H

    Default Re: Is my pacman overweight?

    My Ornate Walter has the same small head. It almost looks pointed and his mouth is not nearly as big as Al's (my albino). Al is a few months younger than Walter but already a lot bigger, Walter is a picky eater.

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