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Thread: Earplugs and Easter eggs (Hyla arborea spawning)

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    Red face Earplugs and Easter eggs (Hyla arborea spawning)

    We decided to put all our little groups of juvenille Hylas together in a new planted, lighted viv, with planty pool at the weekend. We had one 2year old male and female, and 5 1 year olds (a couple of males a couple of unknowns). Frog chorus later apparently 4 of the juvenilles are male, definitely sexually active and one was in amplexus with the female for several hours last night leaving a pool full of frogspawn. I'm setting up another pool(tank) to transfer the eggs into the raise them. Since I've never bred any frogs before does anyone have any good advice about anything I need to make sure I do/not do to get these to grow into healthy frogs?



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