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Thread: New American Green Tree frog!

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    Default New American Green Tree frog!

    I got a nice plumb little green tree frog(Hyla cinerea) today from a pet store called Pet Supply Plus they have a sale going on and they were only 5 bucks so I picked one up. Just wondering if anyone keeps these guys and what do temp and humidity you aim for with these guys!


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    Can't beat 5 bucks! Let's see some picssss

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    I'm half-tempted to go buy another before the sale ends! I will get pictures up soon =)

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    Hello I own two hyla cinerea's myself, and I thought I could help you out.

    Temperature wise, the tank should be kept at 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and allowed to drop to about 68-75 at night. You'll need a light source for heat. Place it on the top outside of the cage, and keep it in one corner. Buy a tank wall thermometer, and mount it at the highest possible point in the cage.
    If you have trouble heating the cage at night, try using a nocturnal heat bulb sold at the pet store.

    As for humidity, you should keep it between 50-75%. These frogs absorb water through their skin. You can use a hair spray bottle to help maintain humidity, but keep it on misting mode. If misting alone doesn't seem to help, line the bottom with wet paper towels if you're going without a substrate. If you are using a substrate, a handful of pet store bought moss will do the trick

    Hope that answers your question!

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