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Thread: "The Frog Ranch" made albino Cranwellis?

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    Default "The Frog Ranch" made albino Cranwellis?

    I was looking at there website and it states "Range: Not known to occur in the wild. Introduced by "The Frog Ranch" in 1992." So does this mean this company made these frogs?

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    Default Re: "The Frog Ranch" made albino Cranwellis?

    Yes they produced the 1st albinos

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    Yes Kim the founder of the frog ranch produced them 1st.

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    Default Re: "The Frog Ranch" made albino Cranwellis?

    That is amazing.

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    most seemingly unnatural colors are "discovered" in captivity where we can have total control over who breeds to who. Also captivity allows very brilliantly colored babies to survive rather than be spotted by a predator and eaten. On a side note the albino Burmese python was actually found in the wild. Bob Clark purchased the snake for a lot of money and then he became the 1st person to produce them in captivity. An 11+ albino Burmese was caught in the wild several years back (in Asia! NOT FLORIDA hahahaha) pretty crazy he made it as a tiny almost neon yellow baby up to 11ft!

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