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Thread: Five line skink care help

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    Question Five line skink care help

    Well I got a five line skink and I need to know how to care for it and I looked for a care sheet online and I don't know if I those are right so can you help me?

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    They don't get much easier than these guys.

    a 10 gallon tank is perfectly fine for 1. a 20 gallon long would work for 2-4 adults (with only 1 big male).

    diet- any insects really, I feed my WC ones crickets and mealworms dusted with a calcium supplement

    substrate can be highly variable. I generally do a custom mix of peat moss, vermiculite, cocofiber. These guys like to bury themselves at times and hide.

    give them heat (a normal light bulb 40 watt) and UVA/UVB light during the day. room temperature at night.

    give them a decent rock or some sticks so they can climb and bask on during the day.

    I give them water by misting twice a day and they drink off of the ground, leaves, glass, or basking sticks.

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