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Thread: Question about frog keeping in general?

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    Question Question about frog keeping in general?

    There has been many dispute over frogs in the pet trade. People have one side saying that it is wrong in the means of the frog's welfare and wellbeing. Others say it is a good hobby because it is simply fun. I am confused as to wether my hobby is good. I am a nature lover and if this hobby offends it, then I wouldn't feel right.

    What is your opinion?

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    Default Re: Question about frog keeping in general?

    Depends on the person. You might get a trend in the results here because obvious we are for keeping amphibians.

    If you go into the hobby fully dedicated to providing everything the animal could possibly need, proper housing, diet, temperature, humidity, lighting etc etc, then the hobby is for you.

    If the hobby is mostly for a chance to say, "hey, see what I have!" then it might not be for you.
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