I am looking for some books on red eyed tree frogs. I did a search on google and really didnt find much. I am looking for as much information as I can find on red eyed tree frogs. I am looking to breed my tree frogs so a guide for that would be highly appreciated. I need some good information because im having some trouble getting my tank temperature up in the day time. I have a fish tank heater in the bottom of the water and a under tank heater stuck to the side of my tank. Also I have a grow bulb on the top and I just cant seem to get it over 70F. I am in the process of logging all of my temperatures and RH for a entire week to see where I equal out. I want a overall of the week to see how much fluctuation their is. My RH is usually around 50-60% all day and when I spray it, it will go up to 80-100%. I have read so many things on where to keep the RH so im kind of lost. I read you keep them 80-90% and some say you keep them at 50-60% so please give me some insight on this.. I am also debating on getting a new hygrometer because this one doesnt seem accurate. Give me your ideas on a trusted hygrometer. I think I will be looking into a thermostat that I can hook up to my heaters so that i can control them better but im not sure how that would work. I hope I get some information and please list some good books on RETF thanks. Josh