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Thread: help is this redleg?

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    Unhappy help is this redleg?

    my white was climbing on the glass like he always does and I noticed that his legs were a little pinkish red, is this red leg? I cleaned his tank last monday... help!

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    Don't worry, that doesn't look like red leg, based on desciptions I have read about the disease. How he is acting/behaving is important to know as well...if he's changed his behaviour or is lathargic, not eating, etc....

    Here are some sources I have read about the topic.

    'Red-leg' Syndrome in Amphibians | petMD - Redleg (really helpul site!)

    Redleg | Frog World
    Whites Tree Frog (1.0.0)
    1.1.0 Mixed breed dogs

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    alright thanks autumn

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    Most of them have a little pinkish tone to them its definitly there behavior that counts!

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