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Thread: what kind of water should i use for my pixie frog???

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    Default what kind of water should i use for my pixie frog???

    is distilled water okay to use? i've been using the water they sell in a huge container that goes through a machine. is that water okay? even though it removes all the bad stuff in tap water? or is using dechlorated water best? i mist the tank aswell with the distilled water. i do this with my pac man frog and chubby frog, will they be affected with distilled water? i'm confusing myself as i type this lol so if somebody can give me a straight answer that would be much appreciated thank you

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    I answered this exact question a while ago. Since I'm on my phone right now, I'm just going to give you a link to it. Hope it helps!

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    Default Re: what kind of water should i use for my pixie frog???

    Frogs are also a form of reptiles and they live in water that gives the, ways to respire. So just move towards paperial review and you will be able to get the main results from the topmost keepers of animals.

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