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Thread: HELP PLEASE!!! I think my tads r stuck in the eggs

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    Default HELP PLEASE!!! I think my tads r stuck in the eggs

    Is it possible for tadpoles to get stuck in the jelly of their eggs? A lot of my tads r swimming inside their egg jelly but don't seem to come out, despite being fully formed
    Do I need to do anything???

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    Default Re: HELP PLEASE!!! I think my tads r stuck in the eggs

    Any update? I wouldn't open the eggs yourself yet. It is not uncommon for one or two to be unable to break through...but if it is all of your eggs then it is just not their time yet. You will see more movement in the eggs a few days before hatching.

    If most have hatched and you have a few stragglers you can very very gently try to open the egg - - use very thin scissors to puncture the egg sac, then open the scissors to spread the hole. Do not try and "squish" them out as they can easily be injured this way.
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    Default Re: HELP PLEASE!!! I think my tads r stuck in the eggs

    Most have hatched and the adults spawned again thursday night
    There's like 4-5 dozen eggs in the adult cage but I'm gonna leave them until they hatch since the warm adult cage makes development much quicker

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