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Thread: Is Schultz "Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Premium" a safe substrate?

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    Default Is Schultz "Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Premium" a safe substrate?

    Hey Everyone!

    So recently, for some reason, every petstore in my town has NO plantation soil/coco-fibre!

    I know organic potting soil can also be used, but no such luck finding any! I did, however come across something that I think is a safe substrate.

    It's called Schultz "Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Premium", and it's not moss strands like I first assumed, it's a soft soil.

    It says on the bag "Schultz Peat Moss is derived from Canadian peat bogs and contains no additives. It's a natural way to add vital organic material to all growing mixes." The magic words in that statement were "contains no additives", so I can't see any reason why it couldn't be used as substrate?

    I know if coco-fibre is ingested, it is digestable, will this stuff be also?

    Here are some photos of the bag and what the actual stuff looks like:

    And the statement I quoted above:

    Please let me know what you think! I sure hope it can be used because I am getting no where fast getting coco-fibre in my town... oh, and it was $4.99 for a 9L bag (that's the same price I pay for one brick of coco-fibre)...

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    Default Re: Is Schultz "Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Premium" a safe substrate?

    I would actually avoid it. Peat moss has a fairly low pH (acidic), which may cause ion balance problems for frogs, particularly if they spend all day burrowed in it.

    IME, it's generally used as a soil additive in places with highly alkaline soil to balance things out, and as a potting medium for many North American carnivorous plants (which require acidic soils).

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