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Thread: injured frog/back bubble

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    Default injured frog/back bubble

    I found someone on craigslist giving away some pacific tree frogs, i have had them in the past and figured i could give them a good home. I picked them up and found they had WAY to much heat and one of them has what looks like a giant blister on its back. I think it may have burned itself. I cant afford a vet visit, what can i do to help her and what IS wrong with her if it isnt a burn. I am on a phone posting this, sorry if i left out details.Name:  IMAG1458.jpg
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    How is the frog? I would keep it in a basic setup (critter keeper) for now by itself with just paper towels, a water dish and maybe a small hiding area to monitor it better. Keep the area clean. It is hard to tell by the picture what is wrong with it. I would think a blister or burn would be red and possibly oozing or seeping and it doesnt look that way from what I can tell. If you cant take it to the vet bc you cannot afford it, maybe you should have passed on the frogs all together. Vet visits should be anticipated and are the responsibility of owning any animal. No animal is "free". There is always money that has to be invested for a quality, healthy pet and if you do not have extra funds for that, then you should wait to get an animal until you do. Sorry to seem harsh, I hope your frog is doing ok.

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    I agree with everything your saying, but I figured that a home away from 5 year olds who would probably kill them within a couple of months because of ignorance(the parents let the kids have the frogs as a "responsibility") even without vet care was better. I would never go out and buy a animal if I didn't have the means to take it to the vet, but I can at the least make a bad situation a little better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dispiacere View Post
    but I can at the least make a bad situation a little better.
    Very true. It looks to me like you've rescued these frogs from certain death. Kudos

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    We have three of these little guys and one of ours has the same thing going on with her back. They don't have a heat lamp so I know it's not a burn. She's had it since we found her and sometimes it's bigger than normal but I can't seem to find anything on the web about it either. We live in a really small rural area and our only vet doesn't deal with reptiles so we are stuck with looking on the Internet for the answer. We have had the frogs for about a year now and she seems to still be doing fine. Both the females we have are very big eaters and seem to be quite plump so we've cut back on their food.

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    I cannot tell you exactly what the mark is. Perhaps if you have a clearer photo?

    I would recommend applying regular neosporin (not the pain reliever type-that one is toxic to frogs), and apply a very thin layer to the area daily. If you don't see an improvement within a few days it could be fungal and you'd need a vet to treat it.

    It's true, vet bills are quite expensive. Be sure his home is proper and just try your best.

    To be extra careful...when my Twigs had issues, I'd boil tap water for at least 10 minutes, let it cool, add dechlorinator and then would use it to rinse down the sides and bottom of the tank daily and dry with paper towels and then remist. I boiled his water bowl and plants and kept him in a simple tank with paper towel substrate, one fake plant and the water bowl. I'd use the cooled prepared water as above for filling the water bowl and misting too. I'd do the misting after applying his neosporin and he healed with some time. Although the culture and biopsy of the tissue the vet did was not fungal or a parasite and the vesicles only had light growth of pseudomonas and aeromonas, both of which where shown to be consistent with his natural flora.

    Anyway, Twigs healed well. Good luck! I wish I knew what it was to help you more.

    Keep us posted. Good luck!!! =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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    Default Re: injured frog/back bubble

    Here are two photos of Hoppy that I took just a few minutes ago.

    Hoppy Frog | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Hoppy Frog 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    This last one is from July of last year, she was much skinnier and less colorful back then
    P1010254 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    She seems to hang out on the ground hiding in the bushes most of the time, our other female joins her every now and then, and the male is in the hanging tree 95% of the time

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    Default Re: injured frog/back bubble

    Thanks to all the replies, just thought I would give a update.
    She is doing great! the bubble on her back is the same size but appears to still cause no pain or trouble moving.
    She is a ferocious eater and seems to be liking her new cage. Still no idea on what exactly it is, but until
    I see it causes her some distress than I will keep her care how it is.

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    Default Re: injured frog/back bubble

    Just sent you a pm with a vets info

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    Default Re: injured frog/back bubble

    Try this.
    It is very simple.
    Kind, courteous service.
    He must have a photo !
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