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    I don't currently have any WTFs, but i have a pac man frog, and it seems that frogs are very fascinating and somewhat addictive pets?? hehe

    I'm thinking about WTFs for my next frogs, and i have done some reading of care sheets and whatnot, but I'm wondering as realt WTF owners, what ae the most important things to know about them? What have you learned that made yo think "man, i wish someone had told me..." or "The best set up idea ever is... "

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    I love my White's! They have awesome personalities. I knew it ahead of time, but White's get large! That means it takes a little more consideration when picking out decorations or plants. Drift wood is great because it can support them. If you go for live plants, make sure they can handle the abuse. Parasites are common with WTFs, be proactive and perhaps get a fecal test done by a herp vet soon after getting the frog just to make sure there isn't a problem. White's can also live a very long time, 15 years is fairly common. So make sure you're ready for a long term commitment. Lastly, enjoy the little buggers! Call me crazy for saying it, but they will love you back.

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