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Are you tired of finding mites in your fruit fly cultures? Well worry no more, our cultures are guaranteed to arrive MITE FREE!

MITE FREE Fruit Fly Cultures
1 Producing Culture (Lasts 2-3 weeks)- $6.95
1 Freshly Seeded Culture (Lasts 4 weeks)- $5.95
Your choice of D. Hydei (large) or D. Melanogaster (small)

Our new Sweetie-Fly Fruit Fly Media is packed full of natural vitamins and minerals and multiple sources of protein, not just Brewer's Yeast like most mixes. Sweetie-Fly Media is the result of almost a year's worth of research, testing a variety of different combinations of commonly used ingredients, and some not so commonly used ingredients, including SPIRULINA, BEE POLLEN, and REAL FRUIT, as we believe it's what fruit flies love best.

Sweetie-Fly Media
.75 Pound (16 oz cup)- $6.45
1.5 Pounds (32 oz cup)- $9.95
Small Fruit Fly Culture Kit - $23.95
Large Fruit Fly Culture Kit - $37.95

Fruit Fly Culture Supplies
Excelsior (1 gallon bag) - $4.95
1 Pack of 32 Ounce Cups (50 cups) - $14
1 Pack of Poly Fiber Lids (50 lids) - $25

We also offer a Fruit Fly Culture Subscription Program so you can get your feeders on time every month and skip remembering to order :-) Simply add one of the following items to your basket after you select whether you'd like Melanogaster or Hydei in the Product page. Please pay with a credit card if possible for this as it makes monthly billing much easier.

1 Culture Monthly - Monthly Fruit Fly Culture Subscription (1 Culture) - Small Pet Feeders
2 Cultures Monthly - Monthly Fruit Fly Culture Subscription (2 Cultures) - Small Pet Feeders

If you'd like to give us the pleasure of serving you and your amphibian family, we'd like to do the same. Enter voucher code "freegift" and we'll include a freebie in with your order :-) So head over to the website and we'll get your order out the next shipping day!
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Have an amazing day everyone!
-Dave and Amy
Small Pet Feeders, LLC