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Thread: sick White's tree frog

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    Exclamation sick White's tree frog

    I bought two White's Tree Frogs from a local pet store on Dec. 24th. One is very active and a bright green, eats alot (even ate a pinkie mouse) and looks extremely healthy. but i also have a dark brownish green on that is alittle skinnier that isnt active at all. when i saw it at the pet store, it was very inactive (should have paid attention to this when i got it). Ever since i got it, its always been hiding and only comes out to go into it's water bowl. For the first two weeks i had it, it wouldn't eat anything so i resorted (sadly) to force feeding it mealworms. three weeks ago, i noticed that it's left arm was extremely bloated and there was a bump on it's back. eventually, the bump poped and there was a clear orangish liquid oozing out of it. yesterday, all that was left of it was an open wound. today, it;s still an open wound but next to it, is an even bigger bump with alot of liquid inside of it. i dont know what to do because my parents dont want to pay for it if i take it to a vet. the green frog is still pretty active and has quiet an appitite.

    what should i do about my brown frog? i still dont know what's up with it's arm and i'm really worried. this is the first time i've ever had a frog for a pet. how much might it cost if i do take it to a vet?

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    Default Re: sick White's tree frog

    Your frog definitely needs vet attention immediately and I could not guess a costs since it varies so much between vets.
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    It does vary as Don said. Some charge $45.00 just for the frog to be seen and others charge what they deside. These are considered exotic pets so usually there is an exotic pet charge like the $45.00 I mentioned. You'll have to find a vet that treats amphibians and ask them how much they charge. They should be able to tell you over the phone.

    I would put some Neosporine over the wound that is open. Be sure its Original Neosporine without painkiller. Just plain Neosporine. This will help prevent further infection until you can get the frog to a vet.

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