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Thread: Weird, hard ball on frog's foot

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    Default Weird, hard ball on frog's foot

    Hello, I'm back with another medical emergency : ( Well, hopefully not emergency, as I don't even know what this is, and google has yielded nothing. I was feeding my frog tonight when I noticed a small, brown, transparent round ball on my frog's foot, in between the toes, where the webbing should be. I thought something got stuck to him, so I tried to gently brush it off. It wouldn't budge, yet the action didn't seem to have caused the frog any discomfort or pain...The picture isn't great, but I've attached it...I hadn't noticed it before tonight. He seems to have had no trouble moving, he's been very active, although for some reason tonight he slept in the tupperware wet-paper-towel-lined dish instead of in his usual sleeping place, high on the glass wall of the tank. He also slept less today than usual. This might not be related at all, but I thought these details might come in useful since they're unusual...Is this swollen webbing or something? What should I do? Is there a risk of infection?

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    Default Re: Weird, hard ball on frog's foot

    I'm no expert, but it looks like some type of cyst or abscess. I think if would be best for you to go to a vet, or at least talk to one. The area may need to be lanced or something. My frog Delilah had a cyst on his hand, but it caused discomfort. The vet believed the cyst was caused by a parasite that burrowed into his hand. His cysts drained on its own, and then bled. He needed anti-biotics. If there's one thing I've learned with the frogs, it's don't wait to see if it gets better on its own. It's best to be proactive and overly concerned if necessary because the frogs don't always have the time to wait. Goodluck! Keep us updated!

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