I have 2 firebellies, a green treefrog, brown tree frog, dumpy tree frog, an american toad, and a big eyed tree frog in a 40 gallon. My oldest frog, a kassina maculata(tiger legged running frog) died yesterday for no apparent reason.. I'm trying to find out why he died and if any of the other frogs are at risk. I feed them vitamin powdered crickets, and im wondering if he could have choked on a big one... otherwise the water was like six days old, and the coconut husk bedding is a couple of months old, maybe bacterial infection? Im not sure a firebelly died the same way a couple of months back...i just want to know of any suggestions or experiences...anything to help me and make sure these little guys are healthy... the dumpy is acting very shy and the tree frog and one firebelly have stayed dark in color for a little longer than usual, i think they should have shedded by now. idk. HELP PLEASE!