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Thread: Red eyed tree frog sleeping on the ground

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    Default Red eyed tree frog sleeping on the ground

    I know that retf sleeping on the ground is a big no no. i have just purchased a red eyed tree frog yesterday, tank specs are as follows

    Tank: 18x18x24''

    substrate: 1st layer organic potting mix composed of sphagnum moss. pet humus, perlite, lime stone. 2nd layer co co husk thick layer to prevent contact of the potting mix.

    plants: large monsterosa deliciousa

    humidity around 80%

    temp:74 F

    i have some experience with red eyed tree frogs before. i know the temp should be in the high 70s low 80s and i am going to buy a uv light after work to raise the temp a few degrees. im not sure if his sleeping on the ground is due to being in a new habitat or low temp i guess it could be, but if anyone has any suggestions..

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog sleeping on the ground

    Usually when a red-eye sleeps on the ground it's one of two reasons. Either they have hypocalcemia or the humidity is too low. I have also seen new frogs sleep on the ground when adjusting to a new enviroment. Also I would not raise the temperature above 80F with this species.

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog sleeping on the ground

    Thank you, this morning he was back on the leaf, i offered some crickets dusted with a calcium and d3 supplement but i dont think he ate any. After i shut off his light last night he was just sitting on his leaf and was still on the same leaf sleeping this morning.

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog sleeping on the ground

    Keep in mind that this frog only is active at night when its dark. They will usually sleep in the same location too. Mine always go back to the same leafs and only rarely sleep somewhere else.

    Refrain from using a night light and feed before lights out.

    I keep mine at 60 to 70 percent humidity will note that it took a month before I actually got to see them hanging out in view.

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog sleeping on the ground

    Thanks for the replies. I think he was just adjusting to his new habitat he was active and hunting last night and has returned to his favorite spot this morning and looking good. One side note the temprature hovers around 72 73 is this something i should be concerned about? I know they like 75-80 is it better to have a stable 72/73 or risk fluctuation and take measures to warm up a few degrees? I have a 50 w halogen bulb but my large monstera deliciosa blocks most of the light.

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