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Thread: New Article: Green Tree Python Care and Natural History

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    Default New Article: Green Tree Python Care and Natural History

    Hi All,

    Please check out: The Natural History & Captive Care of the Green Tree Python

    “Many years ago, when we knew little about their needs, I cared for a group of Green Tree Pythons that had been confiscated and re-routed to the Bronx Zoo. I searched about for an expert and soon came upon a zookeeper who was making great strides. Some of his co-workers, however, believed that his deep interest was causing him to, shall we say, give “less than perfect” care to his other charges. As the story goes, they set up a plastic Civil War battlefield in one of his frog exhibits…and it went unnoticed for weeks”!
    Read article here:
    Green Tree Python Care & Natural History | That Reptile Blog

    Comments and questions appreciated,

    Thanks, Frank

    Frank Indiviglio | Facebook


    Bio: That Pet Place welcomes Zoologist/Herpetologist Frank Indiviglio to That Reptile Blog | That Reptile Blog

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