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Thread: Occidozyga Lima Breeding - Or any aquatic frog breeding!

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    Default Occidozyga Lima Breeding - Or any aquatic frog breeding!

    I have Occidozyga Lima, or floating frogs, indonesian spotted frogs, asian floating frogs, etc. Lots of names for these fat suckers.

    Anyway, I have four. Nobody's got any breeding info on these guys. I sexed them myself based on my knowledge of amphibians, the three males being half the size of the rather fat female, and having more "muscular" front arms. Their mating call sounds like rubbing wet plastic bags, or a wet balloon. Or rubber. It's just plain weird. I only just realized recently that the weird sound was not some filter malfunction, but an animal call. It doesn't sound natural.

    I've caught these guys in amplexus twice. In the water, not on their floatation devices. The first I was after a 5 hour car trip where they were in a bucket for over 24 hours. I accidentally interrupted their amplexus while moving them into their re-setup tank. As they are assumed to breed in the spring with spring winds, I think it was the combination of a much cooler temperature and some sloshing of the bucket that triggered their instincts. This theory was "proven" a second time. I put them in a bucket again because I was moving them up a tank size, and shattered the tank. They remained in a bucket for over 6 hours while I went and bought a used tank and set it up with all their old media.

    Two days after putting them in the new tank, one of the males started amplexus again. After some trial and error where another male was trying to get in on the action and I had a three frog stack going for an hour or two, the capricious couple went behind the filter (the flow of which is turned into a slow trickle by a sponge), and did their business for a whopping 36 hours. I frequently checked up on them, counting my check-ins to be once every hour and a half after it hit the 24 hour mark. They broke their amplexus, but...

    No eggs. None. Checked. Waited an hour. Checked. Searched repeatedly. No dice. I've got them in with some tall grass, amazon sword, java fern, java moss, elodea, frogbit, and duckweed. Plenty of spots to lay, I would say.

    The problem is, there is absolutely no breeding info on these guys. Nobody knows how to breed them, or no one is telling people they know how to breed them. They're really not that uncommon as a pet! I don't even know if they lay eggs, or just keep them until they're ready. I thought they'd be like african dwarf frogs, or other common frogs. Amplexus, eggs, go. Right?

    And now I'm hearing their weird calls again. Back to it? What are they doing, wearing froggy latex safety gear to prevent children?

    Any input on this would be helpful. Can an amplexus that lasts that long end in failure? Could it be possible that they don't lay eggs, though they breed in water? Am I going to have to wait again? Who knows what will happen to Big Fatty's unfertilized eggs? Next time, on frog sex for the clueless.

    No, but really. How do I get them to finish what their nature started, and get me some little tadpoles? I'd really like to get some documentation going on their breeding, since no one else has.

    As a note: I have noticed that both times they were in amplexus the male held the female at first in mid abdomen, and it slowly progressed to the armpits. The last twelve hours of their amplexus was held at the armpit. It seems to me that that would make a difference, if the male is trying to push the eggs out. Possible that that led to failure? Or do some species hold at the armpit?

    And they're starting back up again in amplexus.

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    Default Re: Occidozyga Lima Breeding - Or any aquatic frog breeding!

    Sorry, I actually meant this to be in the Other Frogs section. Can a moderator move it?

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