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Thread: Start of my new terrarium

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    Default Start of my new terrarium

    This is the start of my new Whites terrarium. I had been having some issues with the Zoo Med waterfall. The water was really brown. I rearranged everything and it looked great for a week or so. It is slowly turning brown again but not nearly as dark as before. Is this a problem for the frogs? I am sure it is just some substrate leaking through. The water is still circulating though. I just worry about them not having clean water.

    I am going to take out the weird dark green frog moss and add some live moss to it. I also bought some cork bark to silicone to the walls higher up. I will be adding some hanging vines and maybe some kind of bromeliad.

    How long do the plants need to be in there before I can add frogs? It has been a couple of weeks. I was thinking about giving it another week or two. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


    2 white's tree frogs

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    Default Re: Start of my new terrarium

    I like your tank. Like all you have in there.

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    Default Re: Start of my new terrarium

    I have been keeping tree frogs for about 3 years now and I have been keeping my Whites tree frog now for 2 years and they are really great pets to have.

    I like everything in your tank. However, if there is a leak in your waterfall, you should take some time to fix or replace it. Whites tree frogs are highly adaptable creatures, but it is always a good thing to give them the best water quality available.

    The live plants seem to be okay, but if you are uncomfortable and worried if the plants aren't ready, then you should wait until you are 100% sure they are ready.

    I just have one concern. Is the tank big enough to house a Whites? Whites need at least a 20 gallon.

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