Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I currently keep red eye tree frogs and wanted to further expand my collection with something new. I wanted to buy locally, but right now my shop that I usually buy from doesn't have any darts. So I decided to give craigslist a shot. To my surprise I found two different post, one guy who has many different kinds of darts that he's getting rid of because he's moving to costa rica for a couple months and another guy who is selling a pair of bumblebee darts.

1. The first guy posted that he had a proven pair of adult leucs for $200 and he also had two froglets for $35 each. I live in st Paul and so does he, so the drive is not an issue. He also said he would be willing to go down in price.

2. The second guy has a pair of unsexed adult leucs that he wants $100 for the both or $60 each... But, I live in st. Paul and he's in Mankato, mn. So that would be quite a drive if he would not meet me somewhere at least halfway.

So my dilemma here is which to go with.. I want at least two, I kind of wanted a sexed pair but it's not a big deal, and I'd rather have adults than froglets. But I also want to try and spend the least amount (including gas for the drive).

What I wanna know is, are these fair prices? Because I looked up bumblebees on websites that sell them and saw that they are on the cheaper side. I know sexed pairs are going to be a bit pricier too, which is understandable.

Again, I am new to pdf's so I wanted to go with a more "beginner" type like leucs or azuratus.. And my luck just so has it that I could find some locally so I don't have to worry about shipping costs or shipping in this cold weather.

Ideas? What would you do, or who would you go with???

I also wanted to add that the reason I'd rather not have froglets is because I'm already raising two red eye tree froglets as of right now.

-thanks for your help