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Thread: hibernation.

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    I have a new frog. and im very aware that they sleep in the day and are very non active during the day. well, hes been sleeping in the same spot for a day and a half now, and im very concerned about his breathing. i cant tell if he is even breathing, and im not seeing a heart beat on his back. could he be sleeping? hes crouched in on himself, and his head is down, and his eyes are golden, with very lil black seen in the middle. i am unaware of the habits still. and dont entirly know if he is okay.

    any ideaS???

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    Default Re: hibernation.

    Its common for a new frog to not move around much or at all. They need to acclimate which is sometimes a long process.

    First off, what species frog? Pics of his new home, information on nominal humidity, day and night time temps, how often your misting to keep the humidity, and what your using to keep temps will help answer some of your questions.


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    iv had my frogs for two months and still sit there and think 'oh god i cant see any movement, is he dead?' i usually mist in their generaly direction and his heart beat will increase and i know hes ok. he tends to sit in the corner and not do very much where as my other frog wakes up wen i open the terrarium. i think they just have different personalities. ull probably find that the frog has moved in the night and has just gone back to the same spot during the day. like don said tho i guess it depends wot frog u have. i have whites and am gettin used to havin a lazy frog.

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