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Thread: Alternative Food Sources (home grown)

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    Being new to this field of interest, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some food sources for my FBT that I could grow at home. I reside in Sydney, Nova Scotia and unfortunately we have only one pet store in the region. The challenge is that they run out of crickets quite often so I am curious to explore other options. Is there anything that I could probably breed at home that may be used as a food source?

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    Bean weevils are very easy to culture and my Bombina orientalis love them. They are tiny so they can eat quite a few in a sitting, but they are beetles and thus high in chitin, so they shouldn't be used as a staple. You can culture meal worms, but again they are a larva of a beetle. Lastly, there are various roaches that can be cultured, but I have never done this so I cannot advise you on them.

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    Thanks Kurt. I will look into those options. I have read up on the mealworms and will probably attempt them besides any other choices. I had offered them mealworms but they didnt take to it very well. It seems the more activity from the food source the more excited and involved the toads are. I am contemplating ordering the fruit flies culture from joshfrogs and giving that a go as well. Crickets seems to be their food of choice but from what I read it appears to be more challenging to cultivate then other choices.

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