I am concerned about my hyla versacolor not eating. I took him in from outside a few weeks ago. Following the suggestion in the caresheet, I have used a container in which to feed him. At his first meal he ate 7 very small crickets. 14I fed him small crickets every two days for a bit over a week, then switched to waxworms.

At first he ate the wax worms with gusto, gobbling down 3 the first time. But during the last week and half his apetite got less and less. He stopped eating the waxworms a few days ago. I bought some crickets, but at the pet shop was told to use larger ones then before. The frog is about 1 1/2 inches long. The new crickets have a body length of about 1/2 to 5/8 inch, are fed with fish food, and they move fast.

When I put the first cricket in the container with him a day ago, he made a lunge for it, but it got away. Since then, he has made no attempts. He is in the feeding container now with some waxworms. He is moving around in there quite a bit, but ignoring the waxworms. He is sitting on one. I often see him

Temperature varies from about 68 to 73F. I have been misting him every day. The floor of the tank is white paper towel, there are branches to climb on, a "wading" pool, and some large rocks. He generally stays at the highest point in the tank, on top of a branch in a corner.

The water used is either bottled Poland Spring, or tap water that has been in a container for at least several days.

1. Any Ideas?

2. The tank is in my study, in a quiet area. But I often have lights on till very very late at night. Could this be the problem?

3. Are the adult crickets, which are about 1/2" body length, too large for a 1 1/2 tree frog?

Thanks so much...