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Thread: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

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    Exclamation questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    Hello Everybody I'm Juls
    Well I have 2 packman frog a fantasy(Chum Chum) and a cranwelli (Dino). The Chum Chum is super active very aggressive and is very quick to attack his food. How ever Dino is very slow does not want to eat I force feed him other wise shows no interest in its food. Dino had 1 1/2 with out eating and when presented him with food crickets, pinky's, earth worms, etc. nothing happened he would just burrow so I started force feeding him. When I got him he was like 2 inches or 2 1/2 not much more than that i don't know how old is he I'm guessing he is 6 to 9 months old something around that. I have him in a 20 gal tank spit in half n Chum Chum in the other side temp 78 to 80, humidity 75 to 85 enough dirt, fake plants, a pleasant background and clean water daily. Chum Chum is about 3 months old and is already the same size if not bigger than Dino. Bc they share a tank and I don't think Dino has parasites other wise Chum Chum would be acting the same. Right? Also Dino stopped croaking around the time he stopped showing interested in food. I have no idea what could be wrong with Dino any help or suggestions welcomed.
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    Default Re: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    i dont have alot of experience with this but since you dont got any replys ill help you out. first of all you said they share a tank? 2 pacman frogs shouldnt ever share a tank because pacmans are the worst for cannibalism so im hoping you mean theres a seperater in the middle of the tank. it is normal for them to burrow alot and also when are you exactly feeding him? i know cranwellis are nocturnal so you have to feed them at night, and i think its the same with fantasys to, but maybe not since your fantasy is eating good. also is the water your giving him dechlorinated? if it has any chlorine in it it will kill them. it sounds like your doing everything right so its probably one of the things i named off or you just have a sick frog. hope dino does ok and gets better!

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    Default Re: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    I do have a divider(should have said that) lol. I am well aware of there cannibalistic nature that is part of the reason why i like them soo much =). I put filtered water. If the water was the problem shouldnt both frog b acting strange? I tried diffeent times to feed him morning night day same reaction. I want to take then to the vet but want to find one that woulndt charge that much. The one I found charges $150 dollars n that is just for the visit not for any other test or treatment =( so gotta find a different vet that would see a frog and not charge that much =/. Thanks hopefully he does get better. The other thing i was thinking is may be he does not want to share his tank lol the changes happened around the time I put them in the same tank. They were quarantined b4 they were put together but may b the change streeses him out ?

    This is Dino

    This is Chum Chum

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    Default Re: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    Hello, cute froggies! Unfortunately C.cranwelli has a bad reputation of behavior like this. Sometimes it is something simple, but other times it is something more complicated and often unseen. From the pictures you have of him he looks fairly healthy. How long has it been since he stopped eating? How long have you been force feeding?

    Also, is the tank heated? Some people will put heaters on the side of a Pacman Frog tank, then divide it, and then with only one heater, one Pacman Frog looks fine, and the other doesn't. Lack of heat is often the reason that C.cranwelli will stop eating, and it is just that time of year when everything gets cold. How are you doing keeping the day temperatures from 80-85*F? That is very important so that they can properly metabolize their food.

    Also, I am wondering if you have any moss or anything like that in your tank? Or if you feed/fed Mealworms multiple times a week? Both of which can cause impaction. Oftentimes, impacted Pacman Frogs will stop eating because they know they can harm themselves by eating more. You can gently feel for a small, hard lump on his lower-middle-ish belly. When you handle him, you also may want to use latex-free powder-free gloves, so that Tox-in isn't a problem while he may be fighting something else (keep changing the water, also).

    Hope Dino gets to eating better soon!

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    Default Re: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    your frogs look very nice and healthy to me so im pretty sure it aint a parasite or anything like that. when exactly did you get this guy? i had a firebelly toad that would just hide and not eat for about 3 weeks after i got him, but then i noticed his crickets disapearing much faster then usual, and he was just stressed out cause he was very young but he grew out of it and got really active and ate loads, and actualy ended up escaping. what i would do with dino is let him rest and just relax for a while and dont bug him at all except to change his water and to mist the tank since force feeding would be a stressfull thing on him and making him not want to eat on his own. give this a good week or two since your last feeding so he gets a bit hungry and dangle the food infront of him with tongs and if he doesnt go for it making just poke his mouth a bit with the food and he should go for it. try with nightcrawlers, earthworms or most other worms you can get locally just stay away from mealworms and superworms and then try other foods after u get him to eat a worm or two. if he doesnt eat after the 1-2 weeks when you try id probaly force feed again. hopefully someone else comes in and helps you out cause there could be better ways to get him to eat. i hope dino gets better soon and will eat on his own!

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    Default Re: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    I am guessing that maybe the large enclosure is stressing the cranwelli out. They feel more secure in smaller enclosures. And just for the record, they have a rep for this kind of thing due to owner issues. Dechlorinated water changed on a daily basis......proper foods...proper temps & humidity are essential to the frog'e health & well being. Crickets, roaches, earthworms, guppies, mollies......these are great food sources for the frog. A squirt of liquid calcium in it's water dish every 3rd cleaning will help as well. Food items should be dusted with supplements at least every 3rd feeding (but not the same day as the liquid calcium in the water). The larger enclosure will be great once the frog is closer to adult size. They are nocturnal and lights & incorrect temps can make them stop eating as well.

    Just woke up and am not quite awake yet, so if you have specific questions or need me to clarify anything, just let me know!

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    Default Re: questions about Pacman Frogs!!

    The tank is heated in the middle so the edges will be just a bit different temps. So its 1 heating pad in the middle of the tank so each frog has about 4/5 inches of heating pad and 4/5 inches of no heating pad so they could choose what temp they like that most, also I have a light (repti glo 2.0 uv its about 25w i think) for the days that are really could. Its been like 2 months or so since he ate on his own. Don't put moss in the tank never had i had him for 5 months n just 2 months or so his behavior changed. I do have different plants that he loves hiding under the plants allow him to be well hidden ill take a pic soon. I have not fed him meal worms for a while the times i tried (when he was still actively hunting) he didn't like it n didn't pay attention to them but would go for other food right way. He does favor fish ( well i think he does) i will put earth worms on his mouth and he would just let them crawl around until they got out of his mouth same with crickets but with fish he would bite down really quick and eat up to 3 at a time( fishes r bad so i don't do it often). Thanks for the advise n I will check his belly and put calcium in his water (i didnt know that) I do dust his food n keep a divers diet for him. I will try a night light and hopefully next month i get to put them in a separate tank bigg enogh for there adult size.

    Thank you all again for the advise n i will let u know if he starts eating on his own =).

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