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    I just rescued one sad little ADFroggy. He now lives with my 2 inch fancy goldfish in a 40 gallon aquarium. I'm learning a lot about ADFs pretty quickly thanks to the internet. I'm trying to do my best to make an ideal living situation for both goldfish AND ADFs.

    The tank has a newish double filter, on the lowest setting. The frog seems to stay on the opposite side of the tank from the filter where its calm. The filter needs new media. My toddler has a cold so I haven't been able to make it to the petshop to see what they have.

    The tank has one large fake coral decoration with lots of hiding spots. The frog seems to spend most of his time in there.

    HOPEFULLY I will get out to the one pet shop in town that sells ADFs tomorrow and get:

    Another ADF for him to be best buds with
    1 or 2 fancy goldfish (1-2 inches)
    some sort of algea eating critter?! (i read about snail horror and those algea eating plecos get pretty big so I don't know?!)

    I don't have a heater. The water is definitely colder than what I imagine is comfortable for an ADF. (The tank was designed for fancy goldfish). I have one of those water level kits, I'll do that tonight after my toddler goes to bed and post the results.

    What would be the best way to introduce the new froggy I plan on buying to my current setup? The pet store I called said they also have albino ADFs. Is that possible. I hope they actually have ADFs and not just the ACFs?! I'm new to froggy lingo.

    Anything else I should know?

    OH AND feeding. Right now I'm just feeding the frog/tadpole pellets from the previous owner. I also have a 10 year old Red Earred Slider turtle (in a seperate 150 gallon tank obviously) and she has a bunch of dried food. I don't know if any of it is frog safe. just pellets mixed with dried fruit and things that look like bugs.

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    Default Re: Questions from new ADF owner...

    your best bet is to get another small tank for him and another ADF buddy. Goldfish, even fancies can get up to 8+ inches and a full grown ADF can still be swallowed.

    ADF are very sensitive to water condition and the temp needs to be warmer than what a goldfish requires.

    Also, as for your goldfish tank (I keep 7 ) - 40 gallons is ok for about 3-4 fancies. Yes you said you were getting small ones, but remember that these are babies and have a lot of growing to do! You shouldn't need a pleco and be very careful about adding one because they are just as messy as a goldfish and they REQUIRE driftwood to rasp on. Plecos that would work for your tank are bushynose/bristle nose and clown plecs. These stay under 5 inches and are some of the easier obtainable one. Do not get a "common pleco" - these grow 12-18" and will suck the slime coat off of your goldfish.

    The frog should be fed the HBH Frog and tadpole bites or Reptomin sticks. But with a goldfish in the tank, the frog will not get its own chance to eat - frogs find food my smell, goldfish find it by sight and smell. I am sure you have seen your goldfish at feeding time - they are fast eaters. ADF are much more timid and slow and when housed with fish they often strarve.
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