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Thread: New Article: Calci Worms (Black Soldier Fly larvae)

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    Default New Article: Calci Worms (Black Soldier Fly larvae)

    Hi All,

    Please check out:

    Using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Calci Worms) as Amphibian/Reptile Food

    Comments and questions appreciated,

    Thanks, Frank

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    Default Re: New Article: Calci Worms (Black Soldier Fly larvae)

    I did a bit of experimentation a while back with these. We discussed the results and feed these versus waxworms over on Caudata. I include the link here, as at the time I'm not sure if Frog Forum was up and running yet.

    The Phoenix Worm Experiment - Newt and Salamander Forum

    As always, thanks for the article Frank!
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