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Thread: Ants, snails, gnats and worms...

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    I've been reading around the forum and haven't quite found an answer that fits, so I hope this is ok to post as a new thread. Not quite sure of forum etiquette...

    My frogs (pics attached - still unsure of the exact morph) came with a bunch of bromeliads, plants, moss and a branch that the previous owner had been keeping with them. I've had them for a month (viv seeded with springtails and feeding mostly on crickets) and the frogs seem quite happy... putting on weight, active and responsive etc.

    I've noticed tiny brown ants moving in the viv and around it (I had never seen them before the frogs arrived). Today I came home and realised the ants had found the pinhead feeder cricket enclosure and are swarming around piece of banana! I also found gnats flying in the viv and several tiny worms and a snail. The female frog was inspecting a worm with some interest. However, I'm not so sure about the sudden explosion of life in the viv... Is it ok?!

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Ants, snails, gnats and worms...

    Are you sure the ants are ants and not wingless fruitflies? A photo would be good. Ants are usually not a good thing to have in a terrarium. Slugs tend to eat plants so I don't like them in terrariums either, but they're not usually harmful to the frogs. The worm really depends on what kind of worm it is. Again, we need photos.
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    Hi John,

    Thank-you for your quick response again...

    I am entirely sure they are not fruit flies. They are so tiny that taking a photo will be a challenge... but I'll try...

    Currently concerned that they are Pharaoh ants... Now worried that I've unwittingly infested my flat with a pest!

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