planning on getting a pacman frog but cant decide on a color. thinking of either getting a common one from petsmart or getting a blue samurai from japan on a site for $100-$300. the price is a bit much for me especialy as a first one since i aint a pro on these at all. i know the basics and everything like what to feed it and the temperature and all that but i dont want such a nice frog to die on me especialy one that uncommon, not that i want any frog to die at all no matter what it is. i really like the blue color but do you guys think i could garentee it surviving and do they have them healthy on Samurai Japan Reptiles -Pacman Frog -? really want that color and ill feed em the food from that site and some good nightcrawlers with calcium supplements. ill also feed it a pinky mouse every 1-2 months more along the 2 months side. ill be misting the cage and keeping the temperature good with coconut fibre as a substrate. ill do the best i can do garentee its survival and keep it happy so if theres anything else i can do please tell me and whether or not you think its worth it as a first frog! also one more thing will these grow to a good size like most pacmans cause i dont want one thats to small. got lots of time to plan things since i wont get the frog for another 2 months so i can plan things out and figure out how long the shipping from japan will take!